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"No you are going to wear this dress. This is hard work what I'm talking about"



"NO MOM! Please no more of these dresses"

"Come on Olivia… they are just clothes"

"Exactly JUST clothes"


They both gave each other a death-stare when Phineas came in.

"What is all this shouting about?"

"Olivia isn't wearing the dress I made her"

"I am tired of wearing dresses they bug me!"

"Olivia! Your room! NOW!" Isabella said as Olivia went to her room

"You shouldn't have bein' so hard on her" Phineas said

Olivia huffed on her way up to her room. "That's it! I am done with dresses…!"
"I am going to apologies… I am wrong… I wish she just at least care for my hard work! I do so much for her! But… I don't know what to do!" Isabella cries. Tears fall down her cheek, Phineas immediately pulls her in to a hug and tries to sooth her.

"Sssshhh, it's ok Isabella-!"


"OLIVIA!" they both ran to Olivia's room to find her lying on the floor with few scratches over her body and blood coming out of them. Isabella took her hands towards her mouth in a cup-shape in shock as Phineas ran towards Olivia and sat down next to her to check if she's breathing and her pulse. Glad that she is alive but still worried he quickly tells Isabella:

"Call 911 NOW!" Phineas picks up Olivia and takes her downstairs with Isabella following him. He tries to wake her up by dropping drops of water on her closed eyes.

"Olivia please! Please! Wake up!" Phineas pleads

"I am so sorry Olivia, I am sorry!" Isabella starts to break down as she fell on the floor crying.

"Isabella when she wakes up she's gonna need mothers love, and you breaking is may hurt her more…" Phineas motions to the empty place next to him "… come here." He asks her.
She does what was asked and moves next to Phineas.

"Olivia, baby… please… be ok…" she cries on Phineas's shoulder.
Olivia suddenly wakes up panting. 'Just a dream? No it can't be just a dream!'. She held her head ad breath heavily.
The door opens and a doctor comes in with her parents.

"And as she wakes up you can talk to her-" The doctor sees her awake "or you can talk to her now?"

"Olivia!" they both ran towards her and hug her.

"Oh My Gosh! Are you ok? We were so worried!" Phineas exclaimed.

"I am so sorry Olivia! This is all my fault!" Isabella cried.

"….Can't….. Breathe…."

"Oh sorry!" they both say releasing her.

"I am glad you are ok" says Phineas as he pats her daughter's head.

"Thank you Dad…" She hugs him –which was a shock for everyone- "…I love you" he hugs her back.
"I love you too" and kisses her head.
She lets him go. "Mom…" motioning her to hug, which she does. "I am so sorry, I love you! I love the dress, it beautiful! But I don't like wearing  them… please I am sorry… I don't want to be like this… I am so sorry…" by the time Olivia finish Isabella was hugging back and crying on her shoulder "I love you too… and I am sorry too.."

"Olivia!" came a sound from the door.

Isabella and Olivia stopped hugging and looked towards the door. Olivia smiles the most gleeful smile she has ever made.

sorry that it's kinda short

:iconreally?plz: doesn't work >.<


I know what you are thinking, OMG SHE FORGOT!?
sorry ^^;

The Mom I want - Ch 8Antibella threw fire balls toward Darwin, He dodged it and Olivia sighed in relief.

"Listen Darwin let's make a deal! How about I get you a machine Olivia only made for you in return for the real one?" Antibella makes an offer.

"That's a great idea… it's something I can't refuse…" Darwin sighs, he knew that was what he wanted since he or it was made…. "But it's not worth it!" he screams as he attempts to punch her again and again without stopping.

Olivia tried to make a run for her bedroom to find her spell book but suddenly gets blocked by Phinevil,

"Oh! What a shame… you forgot your own father?  thisk, thisk" He pret

The Mom I want - Ch 10Isabella and Olivia stopped hugging and looked towards the door. Olivia smiles the most gleeful smile she has ever made.

"Quinn! Darwin! Rosalina! Guys!

They all ran to hug their friends.

"Oh Guys I missed you so much! I am so sorry! I will never leave you again! Promise!" Olivia exclaimed.

"What do you mean Olivia?" Quinn asked.

"Yeah! You are acting so weird today!" said Rosalina.

"Ummm… W-well… you see…" Olivia stuttered.

"Oh Olivia called me and told me about everything-" Darwin stated "-and since she was pretty upset the said that she'll stay at my house for a sleep over-" He said the next part forcefully "-Isn't that right Olivia

Olivia & Darwin (c) :iconcreepecrawlyman:

Phineas & Isabella (c) Disney
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